2017 MIL MI17 V-5

Two brand new Mil 17V-5 helicopters.


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The helicopter fuselage is an all-metal semi-monocoque
structure made up of a forward and central section, a tail boom
and a tail boom pylon.


Power plant of the helicopter consists of two TV3-117VM
turboshaft engines with free turbines. The TV3-117VM engine is
highly desirable for operations in hot and high conditions. Outlet
engine shafts are connected to the main gearbox that combines
powers and circulates it to the consumers. Dual installation of two
engines increases safety operation of the helicopter as in case
of one engine failure the power of another engine is sufficient
to continue the flight. A dust protection device is installed on
the engines to protect it against dust and foreign objects from
the air supplied to the main engines. Engine start is provided by
the air starter powered by auxiliary power unit. The engines are
installed on the fuselage central section ahead of main gear box,
symmetrically relative to helicopter longitudinal axis.


Helicopter control provides amount and direction variation
of main rotor trust as well as tail rotor trust. Helicopter control is
mainly provided by the rigid structure. Cables are applied for main
rotor brake control and partially for tail rotor control.
Longitudinal and lateral control is carried out by the pilots
moving cyclic pitch control stick changes swash plate tilt that
causes cyclic change in the rotor blade setting in different azimuths,
therefore changes direction of resultant force of main rotor trust.

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Interior year
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Standard delivery conditions of new Мi-17V-5 helicopter
- guarantee according to the contract requirements (usually 12
months or 300 fl ight hours);
- individual kit of spare parts, tools and equipment;
- maintenance kit, contained spare parts and equipment set;
- technical documentation.
Helicopter delivery to the Customer is carried out on agreement -
by sea or air, also it is possible helicopter direct ferry flight.
Helicopter manufacturer provides a wide range of services
related to the helicopter operation, such as:
- full technical support during helicopters operation;
- guaranteed spare parts supply under AOG requirements during
the whole period of helicopter operation;
- helicopter modernization;
- helicopter overhaul both at Kazan Helicopters or Customer´s
- flight and maintenance personnel training in Kazan Helicopters
training center or at the Customer´s base.

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