2016 MIL MI171

Status: New. Status Evaluation: «Excellent» TSN, h: 00.00

Sale type
Non specified
Aircraft condition
Total airframe time

Compared to Mi-171 a smaller size of the freight-loading doors which are used for placing of equipment and useful load. The right-hand door is for the passengers’ luggage. In the aft part of the doors there is a ramp door for the attendants and for more convenient baggage handling. The passenger cabin is separated from the cloak room by a partition, the door opening is fitted with a soft movable partition.


1 Horizon Indicator “AGB-3K Series 3”
2 Horizon Indicator “AGB-3K Series 3”
4 Radio Station “Baklan-20”
6 Radio Altimeter “A-037”
7 Early Smoke Detection System “SRO-2M”
8 Compass System “GMK-1A”
9 Magnet Compass “KI-13K”
10 Autopilot “AP-34B-2S”
11 Radio Altimeter “VK-53E-RV”
12 Radio Altimeter “VK-53E-RV”
13 Airspeed Indicator “US-450K Series 2”
14 Airspeed Indicator “US-450K Series 2”
15 Altimeter “VD-10VK Series 2”
16 Altimeter “VD-10VK Series 2”
17 Altimeter “VAR-30MK”
18 Altimeter “VAR-30MK”
19 Intercommunication Equipment “SPU-7”
20 Radicompass “ARK-15”
21 Recorder “P-503B”
23 LT “ARM-406P”
25 Transponder “SO-94R”
26 Weather Radar “8А-813Ц”
27 “BMS”-Indicator
28 Radio Station “Yadro-1 A1”
29 Pitot Head “PVD-6M”
30 Pitot Head “PVD-6M”
31 Emergency voice alarm communication system “RI-65B”
32 Engine rpm limit indicator system “SRPBZ”


The Actual Configuration:
- Kerosene-combustion heater
- Радиолокационный ответчик
- Radar beacon transponder (Russia)
- Mooring equipment
- Additional thermal isolation of the cabin and heat and sound insulating curtain по шп.13
- Automatic radio compass
- Weather radar
- Satellite navigation system
- Satellite telephone set
- Lavatory
- VHF Emergency radio station (Russia)
- Additional suspended upper fuel-tanks: two tanks with 915 liter refill capacity each
- Luminous information plates in the passenger cabin
- “Exit” signs (4 units), “No Smoking” and “Fasten your seatbelt” signs

Inspection status

Status: New.
Status Evaluation: «Excellent»
TSN, h: 00.00
Principal Colour: White. Customized pattern design.
Cabin Configuration: 26 seats.
Location: the Russian Federation.
Mi -171 has a Type Certificate issued by the IAC (the Interstate Aviation Committee)

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Efimova Str.
St Petersburg, N/A
Russia 190031

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