2015 BELL 430 429

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Certified for Russia.

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Light Weight Display Units: The standard configuration, primary, secondary and optional third instrument
display units for the Bell 429 are light-weight, NVG-compatible LED display units. An NVG-compatable Flight
Directory (CFHD) is also standard equipment on the Bell 429.
Garmin GTN-650/750: The Bell 429 includes the Garmin GTN 650/750 NAV/COM/WAAS GPS system as
standard equipment. The Garmin GTN-750/650 system provides intuitive touchscreen controls, and the large,
six-inch GTN-750 display provides nprecedented access to Navigation/Communication/GPS-WAAS functions,
••Graphical flight planning capability with touchscreen waypoint entry or sequence modification;
•• High-resolution terrain mapping, including optional Internal TAWS-B terrain alerting;
••Garmin GTX-33H ES transponder with
extended squitter provides ADS-B out
traffic display capability;

Exterior year
Interior year
Interior notes

Two individual ergonomically designed energy attenuating seats with adjustable lumbar support, each
equipped with seat adjustment controls forward and aft, up and down, adjustable lumbar support, a four-point
restraint system, and adjustable pedals. The color and upholstery material for the seats match the color
scheme selected for the cabin.
The cockpit crew station was designed from the outset to accommodate pilots from the 5th percentile female
to the 95th percentile male (standing height 5 ft. ½ inch to 6 ft. 2 inches; sitting height 31.3 inches to
38.3 inches, reference U.S. FAA Human Factors Design Standard, HF-STD-001, dated May 2003). The pilot
and copilot seats and pedals are also adjustable to enable the cockpit crew to adjust their seat positions
for comfortable access to cockpit controls, so that they can easily carry out normal and emergency duties
without hindrance:
•• Forward and aft 6” (15 cm)
•• Up and down 4.5” (11.4 cm)

Inspection status

Improved safety and maintenance efficiency, with significant items addressed at the system level
Spacious intermediate size cabin offers the best value in its class, with pricing and DOCs comparable to smaller light twins
Fully adjustable crew seats move fore and aft, up and down and include adjustable lumbar support
Versatile track-mounted seats allow cabin seating to be reconfigured or removed in just minutes for maximum utility
Rear cabin doors slide aft, hugging the fuselage for easier hot loading and operation with doors open in flight
Excellent fore and aft CG tolerance permits flexible load distribution, without the need for adding ballast
Optional clamshell doors open with minimal effort and hug the fuselage for convenient operation in strong winds or while the aircraft is running
Excellent lateral stability easily permits 600 lbs/272 kg to be hoisted outside of the skid gear

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