2016 BOEING 767 300

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Aircraft condition
Flight rule
Multi-Pilot IFR
Total airframe time

General Characteristics
Maximum Design Taxi Weight (MTW). Maximum weight for ground maneuver as limited by aircraft
Strength and airworthiness requirements. (It includes weight of taxi and run-up fuel.)
Maximum Design Takeoff Weight (MTOW). Maximum weight for takeoff as limited by aircraft
Strength and airworthiness requirements. (This is the maximum weight at start of the takeoff run.)
Maximum Design Landing Weight (MLW). Maximum weight for landing as limited by aircraft
Strength and airworthiness requirements.
Maximum Design Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW). Maximum weight allowed before usable fuel and
Other specified usable agents must be loaded in defined sections of the aircraft as limited by strength
And airworthiness requirements.
Spec Operating Empty Weight (OEW). Weight of structure, powerplant, furnishing systems,
Unusable fuel and other unusable propulsion agents, and other items of equipment that are considered


The 767 is offered with a variety of engines. These engines are high bypass ratio engines which are
More economical to maintain and are more efficient.


Cargo Handling
The lower lobe cargo compartments can accommodate a variety of containers and pallets now used
In narrow-body and wide-body airplanes. The optional large forward cargo door (standard on the
767-200ER, 767-300ER, 767-300 Freighter, and 767-400ER) allow loading of 96- by 125-in (2.44 by
3.18 m) pallets and also split-engine carriage kits. In addition, bulk cargo is loaded in the aft cargo
Compartment and the forward cargo compartment where space permits.
Ground Servicing
The 767 has ground service connections compatible with existing ground service equipment, and no
Special equipment is necessary.

Exterior year
Exterior notes

767-200, -200ER
The 767-200 can carry up to 216 passengers and baggage over 3,900 nautical miles. The 767-200ER,
With the center fuel tanks can also carry 216 passengers and baggage on routes over 5,200 nautical
Miles. Seating arrangement varies with airline option. Both airplane models have identical outside
767-300, -300ER
The 767-300 and -300ER are 21 feet 1 inch longer than the 767-200. The additional length enables
The airplane to carry more passengers. The -300ER is also fitted with center fuel tanks for additional
Range. Except for the longer fuselage, the -300 and the -300ER have dimensions identical to the
-200 and -200ER.
The -300 and -300ER can be fitted with an optional mid-cabin door to facilitate loading and unloading
Of passengers. This arrangement also allows alternate passenger accommodations, up to and
Including maximum passenger capacity (exit limit).
767-300 Freighter

Interior year
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New York, New York, Ny 10017
United States of America 10017

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