2016 BOEING 737 BBJ

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The Boeing Business Jet is a 737-700 airplane that is delivered without any interior furnishings. The
Customer installs specific interior configurations. This 737-700 model airplane is equipped with a 737-
800 landing gear configuration and has weight and performance capabilities as the -800. One unique
Feature of the 737 BBJ is the addition of winglets to provide improved cruise performance


The 737-100 and -200 airplanes were equipped with JT8D-7 engines. The -9, -5, -17, and -17R
Engines reflect successive improvements in nose reduction, thrust, and maintenance costs. Other
Optional engines include the -9A, -15A, -17A, and -17AR.
The 737-300, -400, and -500 airplanes are equipped with new high bypass ratio engines (CFM56-3)
That are economical to operate and maintain. These are quiet engines that meet FAR 36 Stage 3 and
ICAO Annex 16 Chapter 3 noise standards. With these higher thrust engines and modified flight
Control surfaces, runway length requirement is reduced.
The 737-600, -700, -800, and -900 airplanes are equipped with advanced derivatives of the 737-300, -
400, and -500 engines. These engines (CFM56-7) generate more thrust and exhibit noise
Characteristics that are below the current noise standards.

Exterior year
Exterior notes

General Characteristics
Maximum Design Taxi Weight (MTW). Maximum weight for ground maneuver as limited by
Aircraft strength and airworthiness requirements. (It includes weight of taxi and run-up fuel.)
Maximum Design Takeoff Weight (MTOW). Maximum weight for takeoff as limited by aircraft
Strength and airworthiness requirements. (This is the maximum weight at start of the takeoff run.)
Maximum Design Landing Weight (MLW). Maximum weight for landing as limited by aircraft
Strength and airworthiness requirements.
Maximum Design Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW). Maximum weight allowed before usable fuel and
Other specified usable agents must be loaded in defined sections of the aircraft as limited by strength
And airworthiness requirements.
Operating Empty Weight (OEW). Weight of structure, powerplant, furnishing systems, unusable
Fuel and other unusable propulsion agents, and other items of equipment that are considered an
Integral part of a particular airplane configuration.

Interior year
Interior notes

Passenger Cabin Interiors
Early 737s were equipped with hatrack-type overhead stowage. Later models were equipped with a
“wide-body look” interior that incorporates stowage bins in the sidewall and ceiling panels to simulate
A superjet interior. More recent configurations include carryall compartments and the advanced
Technology interior. These interiors provide more stowage above the passenger seats.
Integral Airstairs
Optional airstairs allow passenger loading and unloading at airports where there are no loading
Bridges or stairs. The forward airstairs are mounted under the cabin floor just below the forward
Entry door. The aft airstairs are mounted on a special aft entry door and are deployed when the door
Is opened. The aft airstairs option is available only on the 737-100 and 737-200 airplanes.

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