2016 AIRBUS A380

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With the A380, the sky is yours. Designed for the 21st century aviation industry, its unique size allows airlines to maximize their revenue potential through an optimized, segmented cabin – boosting their contribution to profit by up to 65 per cent per flight.

The jetliner’s standard four-class cabin arrangement includes more high-yield seats with a premium economy section, additional seats in business class and an even more luxurious first-class layout. Airlines can gain a revenue boost approximately equivalent to a 50 per cent saving in fuel burn through applying this market-matched cabin segmentation and the latest cabin innovations.

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By incorporating the latest advances in structures and materials, the A380 offers a direct operating cost per passenger that is 15 per cent lower than the competing large airliner. This includes the use of advanced aluminium alloys for the wing and fuselage, along with the extensive application of composite materials in the centre wing box’s primary structure, wing ribs, and rear fuselage section.

The A380 also uses Glare™ material in the pressurised fuselage’s upper and lateral shells. Glare™ is a laminate incorporating alternate layers of aluminium alloy and glass fibre reinforced adhesive, with its properties optimised by adjusting the number of plies and orientation of the glass tapes. This offers a significant reduction in weight and provides very good fatigue and damage resistance characteristics.


Two new-generation engine options (the Engine Alliance GP7200 and Rolls-Royce Trent 900), combined with an advanced wing and landing gear design make the A380 significantly quieter than today's largest airliner – enabling this very large aircraft to meet strict local regulations at airports around the world.


A new-generation flight deck
A view inside the double-deck A380's cockpit
A view inside the double-deck A380's cockpit

While benefitting from Airbus’ industry-leading cockpit design, the A380’s flight deck has been further evolved to incorporate the latest advances in technology for displays, flight management systems and navigation.

The A380 cockpit’s main instrument panel has eight identical large interactive displays, with cursor control provided through a track-ball. These displays provide a much larger screen area with clearer presentations, augmented by a HUD (head-up display) that increases pilot situational awareness – particularly during the approach and landing phases.


Setting new standards

Greener, cleaner, quieter and smarter, the A380 is setting new benchmarks for the global aviation industry with its superior efficiency, profitability and operational effectiveness.

Not only is it setting new passenger comfort standards, the A380 also is raising the bar for environmental standards with its low fuel consumption and noise levels – as well as reduced CO2 and NOx emissions.

The A380’s cockpit – which is based on Airbus’ industry-leading flight deck design for its fly-by-wire jetliner families – features the latest advances in cockpit technology, including larger interactive displays, an advanced flight management system and improved navigation modes.

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Designed-in efficiency

With a new wing design and composite materials accounting for 25 per cent of its structural weight, the A380 is a much more efficient aircraft all around.

By producing only about 75 grams of CO2 per passenger kilometre, the A380 is helping the aviation industry's commitment to minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

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Interior notes

The A380 cabin is the quietest and most spacious in the sky. A380 service offerings range from a comfortable 11-abreast economy section with 18-inch-wide seats, up to a private three-room suite for a luxurious first-class experience. It is no wonder passengers opt for the comfort of the A380 when given the choice – meaning higher market share, load factors and revenues for airlines.

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